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Perseus Group Acquires Axacore into Mortgage Solutions group, Expanding Footprint to New Verticals

San Diego, California, (PRWeb October 27, 2022) – Constellation Technology Solutions Inc. (CTS), which is part of the Mortgage Solutions Group of the Perseus operating group of Constellation Software Inc., announced today that it has acquired certain assets related to the Axacore business from Scrypt, Inc. and Axacore, Inc. The acquisition includes Axacore’s award-winning document management system, XDOC, and cloud fax solution, FaxAgent.

The acquisition amplifies the Mortgage Solutions Group’s industry-leading technology suite with the addition of flexible, scalable, and dependable document management solutions.

The Axacore business was founded in 1996 to help organizations across public and private sectors streamline paper-intensiveprocesses and automate complex, multi-tier document workflows at scale. Axacore has three decades of experience providing flexible and comprehensive industry-compliant document and digital fax management system across the mortgage, healthcare, legal, financial, and government industries.

“As longtime partners of Axacore, we know first-hand how secure, reliable and streamlined their products are,” said Stephen Ryczek, President of the Mortgage Solutions Group. “Axacore is a proven leader in industry-compliant document management systems and will empower us to provide a best -in-class digital mortgage experience. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to our company.”
“Axacore has always been dedicated to helping organizations across regulated industries build accessible and compliant document solutions,” said Aleks Szymanski, President at Scrypt, Inc. “Joining Constellation Technology Solutions will allow Axacore to continue their commitment to serving existing clients and scale their offerings to new markets.”

About Constellation Technology Solutions

Constellation Technology Solutions Inc., acquires and invests in software companies that provide mission-critical solutions for the industries they serve and is part of the Mortgage Solutions Group of the Romulus portfolio of vertical market software (VMS) companies within Perseus Group, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc.

The original story was first published on PRWeb on October 27, 2022.

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