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Thriving in the Forever Home: Post Acquisition Leadership Insights from HomeBuilder's Evolution

Thriving in the Forever Home: Post Acquisition Leadership Insights from HomeBuilder's Evolution

Leadership plays a paramount role in steering companies towards sustainable growth and success. At Constellation HomeBuilder Systems (HomeBuilder), a spotlight shines on the transformative power of Perseus' investment in its employees, nurturing a culture where talent thrives and companies find their forever home. Through the lens of key individuals who have journeyed from early stage acquisitions to pivotal roles within the organization, we delve into the ethos of leadership that has shaped HomeBuilder's trajectory, uncovering stories of resilience, mentorship, and collective growth.

In your opinion, what are the key attributes or qualities that define effective leadership within HomeBuilder, particularly in the context of navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by post-acquisition growth and evolution?

“Our leadership prioritizes transparency and open communication. By keeping our team informed about the company's performance, challenges, and opportunities, they empower individuals at all levels to take ownership and contribute their ideas. This fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, where everyone feels valued and motivated to excel. Additionally, HomeBuilder's leadership emphasizes a commitment to continuous learning and development. In a fast-paced industry, staying ahead requires adapting to new technologies, market trends, and customer preferences. Investing in employee training and providing opportunities for professional growth, they not only ensure the company remains competitive but also enable individuals to reach their full potential.”
- Kristin Bruce
“I began my career in 1996, working for two homebuilders in various roles, including Purchasing, Field Superintendent, Scheduling, and Warranty, where I implemented software like Builder360. In 2006, I joined Builder360 as a Training Consultant, eventually transitioning to Customer Care when Constellation acquired BuildSoft and Builder360. Over the years, as a Support Analyst and Business Analyst, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with customers, be involved in training, and collaborated with development teams on design ideas, product testing, and documentation. Homebuilder gave me the freedom, support and training needed for me to be involved in all these various roles. Now, as a Product Manager of NEWSTAR Enterprise and NEWSTAR Web, I continue to receive ongoing training and support. After 18 years with Constellation, I can honestly say that I love my job and I’m grateful to be part of the Constellation Homebuilder Group where the management team supports my growth, is patient in my learning, and is focused on contributing to the success of our clients, and the individuals who make up this great company."
- Lisa Predweshny

As someone who experienced the transition from an early-stage acquisition to a key role within HomeBuilder, what do you believe sets the company's leadership apart in fostering a culture of growth and opportunity?

“The leaders that I have worked for within Constellation Software have done an amazing job of identifying and investing in key personnel within the organization.  As new projects, initiatives, and open positions have arisen, careful consideration is given on whether to staff those opportunities with high performing team members who are ready to take their next step in their career.  Any new ideas that are presented for organic growth potential to our Portfolio Manager, Chris Graham, and the leadership team are given consideration and individuals who present the skills to take on those projects are often selected to lead them.  Constellation invests significantly in individual growth through internal and external training programs.  The Perseus Group hosts an annual “academy” which brings together leaders and high potential individuals to focus on best practice sharing as well as education on the fundamentals of our acquisitive and organic growth strategies.  I have personally experienced growth throughout my career at Constellation and have had the pleasure of watching many leaders and managers emerge through the ranks within the HomeBuilder Group.”
- Sean Wilhelm  

Can you share a specific example of how the leadership culture at HomeBuilder has supported your professional growth and development since joining the company post-acquisition?

“When it all started at Constellation Homebuilder Systems back in January 2002 there was never a thought at the time that I would end up where I am today as the Director of Customer Care – Enterprise Solutions Group.  Having transitioned from a Project Manager in the Professional Services Group to a Senior Helpdesk Analyst in Customer Care was the starting point of taking on a key role within Homebuilder. During my role as a Customer Care Manager, the previous Director was working on a succession plan and that is when I started to become integrated into a leadership role. This was facilitated by being invited to the leadership meetings, preparing the data for business reviews before actively participating in them and being indoctrinated into other responsibilities as a director. Being part of the discussions, voicing opinions and thoughts were all instrumental in the beginning and has led me to my current role as Director of Customer Care – Enterprise Solutions Group.”
- Ernest Dehaan

As we delve into the heart of leadership at HomeBuilder, one resounding truth emerges: Perseus' commitment to its employees is not just a philosophy but a lived reality. From Lisa Predweshny's pioneering days to Ernest Dehaan's multifaceted journey, each individual's narrative is a testament to the transformative power of supportive leadership. Through investment in talent, fostering a culture of growth, and unwavering dedication to employee development, HomeBuilder stands as a beacon of excellence in the homebuilding industry—a place where companies find their footing, and individuals find their home.

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