Building and Investing in Enduring Software Businesses

Continuous Improvement, Empowered Leaders, Enduring Growth

We invest in a special breed of software businesses that we have spent decades studying.
As an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU), we help good companies become great through data-driven guidance, permanent capital, and the accumulation of knowledge from over 800 acquisitions.

Perseus Group and Constellation Software Inc.

Operations in
+ Vertical Markets
Family of
+ Companies
Backed by Permanent Capital
+ Billion Invested
Growing Workforce of
+ Employees


Reinvest and Grow With
Permanent Capital
Pursuit of Mastery
Fostering a
Meritocratic Environment
Integrity is Foundational in
Everything We Do

Acquisition Criteria

B2B Software

Companies providing mission-critical solutions for niche markets and have loyal and diverse customer bases.

Recurring Revenue

Most earnings are generated through SaaS or maintenance revenue, which recurs annually or regularly.

Vertical Market

Niche markets are our specialty. We are industry agnostic in our pursuit of segment-defining brands.

Fostering Vertical Market Excellence

Permanent Home
Our buy-and-hold philosophy aligns the interests of employees and customers.
Domain expertise is one of our core pillars. Our industry experts have developed intimate knowledge of their business and customers, and they are empowered to operate autonomously.
Culture of Excellence
Our investment decisions are guided by the accumulation of learnings from each new acquisition. Our global network of entrepreneurs, software experts, and investment professionals provides a platform for leaders to thrive.
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