Manufacturing Industry

MAJIQ is a global leader in enterprise software and services for the pulp and paper industry. Its range of solutions provides unmatched visibility and control for the unique process of the global roll, sheet, and bale production industries.
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With over 200 validated sites and more than 25,000 POMS Corporation MES users across 20 countries, POMS is a leading provider of MES solutions for the healthcare products industries — including pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, and medical devices.
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EDIWISE is a vendor of paper inventory enterprise solutions. Customers not only trust EDIWISE to manage their inventory but also give it significant influence in promoting the electronic documentation standards used in the pulp and paper industries.
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MOPSsys provides a software product suite for pulp and paper process information management and quality management that enables the integration and analysis of all mill information systems — allowing pulp and papermakers to obtain the greatest benefits from their mills and business.
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Steve Latham
President, MES Portfolio

Steve is the President of our Manufacturing Software portfolio at Perseus Group. He also serves as the President of MAJIQ, a software provider for the pulp and paper industry. Steve has over 30 years of experience with the company and has held several positions — from software development to COO.

Steve is also a board member of the University of Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation. Additionally, he has served on the IT Committee for PIMA, the Washington Council of TechAmerica (formerly AeA), and on the boards of Tietoevry’s (formerly Tieto) companies in the U.S., Canada, and Indonesia.

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