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CAKE provides performance marketing software solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation, and multichannel marketing that enables advertisers, networks, and publishers to manage, measure, and optimize marketing performance in real time.
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TUNE makes the industry’s most flexible SaaS platform for managing marketing partnerships across mobile and web. Customers can maximize ROI for their most significant partners — affiliates, networks, influencers, agencies, and other business development relationships.
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Enspire for Enterprise delivers digital solutions to strengthen businesses marketing efforts. Combining advanced technologies with personalized service and scalable programs, Enspire provides clients with the extraordinary opportunity to achieve network-wide scale.
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Cameron Stewart
Portfolio Manager, Digital Marketing

Cameron Stewart is the General Manager of the Digital and Affiliate Marketing Solutions in the Andromeda portfolio.  He joined us via the Tune acquisition. Since joining TUNE's founders in 2008, Cameron has been an integral part of TUNE's growth and leadership. As the GM of TUNE, Cameron oversees the companies P&L while managing the Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Support and HR teams that have built, delivered and supported TUNE's Partner Marketing Platform.   Additionally, Cameron has taken on a broader role with the CAKE affiliate marketing software business. CAKE performance marketing software, empowers more than 500 advertisers, networks, and publishers to manage, measure, and optimize their digital marketing campaigns, in real-time.

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