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As an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU), our cumulative experience from acquiring and operating hundreds of software companies has informed our opinion that a long-term orientation is necessary to build an enduring software business. Our investment strategy embodies this philosophy — we buy software businesses that we want to own forever.
We are proud to be the home of dozens of industry-leading brands across multiple vertical markets. Drawing from over 30 years of experience building and scaling vertical market software businesses of all shapes and sizes, Perseus Group has become an international organization of passionate investors, founders, operational experts, and, most importantly, a network of collaborators.

Perseus Group and Constellation Software Inc.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Daniel Zinman
President & CEO, Perseus Operating Group
CEO Zodiac Division

Daniel joined Perseus Group in 2005 to accelerate organic growth for our first platform investment. He went on to build a portfolio comprised of over a dozen industry-leading software businesses before becoming CEO in 2023.    

Daniel loves to roll up his sleeves working closely with our leaders to build enduring businesses and cultivate talent. Outside of the office he is passionate about fitness, travel, and family.  He lives in Toronto with his wife and three daughters.

Bonnie Wilhelm
Chief Operating Officer, Perseus Operating Group
CEO Andromeda Division

Bonnie joined Perseus Group in 2009 via our acquisition of G.1440, where she had been the CFO. Post-acquisition, Bonnie remained at G.1440 until 2012, when she was appointed Perseus Group's Vice President and CFO and acted in this position until 2022 when she became COO. 

As COO, Bonnie focuses on managing our administrative functions (i.e., Finance, Legal, and HR), different aspects of our acquisitions (i.e., prospecting, due diligence, and integration), and the overall operations for various business units.

Tom George
Chief Investment Officer, Andromeda Group

Tom is the Co-President of our Romulus portfolio and has led the development of the group via close to two dozen acquisitions across numerous subsegments of the real estate sector.  Before joining Perseus Group in 2004, Tom occupied various strategic and executive roles across a wide variety of companies — including positions at Move Inc., Broadband Office, and Accenture.

Vipin Khullar
Chief Financial Officer, Perseus Operating Group

As CFO, Vipin is responsible for the company’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, financial planning and analysis, treasury, and taxation, and plays a crucial role in business acquisitions and working with business leaders to drive company performance.

Vipin holds a CPA designation, and he joined Perseus Group in 2018. Prior to joining our organization, Vipin worked in various finance leadership roles across the Technology and Media industries.

Heather Pruger
General Counsel, Perseus Operating Group

As General Counsel, Heather oversees all legal affairs of Perseus and its business units.  Before joining Perseus, after starting her legal career as an employment litigator, Heather led U.S. and cross-border M&A transactions involving emerging, middle-market, and publicly traded companies at major U.S. law firms, and worked in-house running strategic acquisitions and investments for one of the largest U.S. television broadcasting companies.

More Than Just an Acquirer, a Partner in Success

We don’t collect businesses. We nurture and help them grow. We prefer to treat our acquisitions like people, not property.
That’s why we do our best to ensure their growth and development.

Perseus Group,
Constellation Software Inc.
Our buy-and-hold philosophy means we are a permanent partner in the attainment of your company’s full potential.
An ecosystem of best-in-class companies paired with a culture of sharing best practices means leaders can continuously improve their business unit.
We are not private equity. Employees and customers will never go through another sale process — ensuring a long-term orientation and preserving the unique brand and culture.
Empowering business leaders and employees through a decentralized and autonomous operating structure — allowing companies to preserve its original mission and identity.
Niche software is all we do. Companies can avoid unpredictable and significant challenges that exists with other acquirers that are not a technology-first organization.
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Acquisition Criteria

B2B Software

Companies providing mission-critical solutions for niche markets and have loyal and diverse customer bases.

Recurring Revenue

Most earnings are generated through SaaS or maintenance revenue, which recurs annually or regularly.

Vertical Market

Niche markets are our specialty. We are industry agnostic in our pursuit of segment-defining brands.
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