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Constellation Homebuilder Systems
Constellation Homebuilder Systems and its collection of companies provide innovative solutions as standalone or integrated systems. The companies share over 800 years of combined homebuilding software experience — using their expertise to bridge the gap between construction and technology.
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NEWSTAR is a single integrated software solution engineered to manage all business functions. The platform is designed for residential construction projects, including single-family, multi-family, high-rise, condominium, and land development projects with a focus on business management.
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BuildTopia is an integrated web-based construction management system for residential builders, bringing all tasks, processes, and workflow together into a single system with purchasing, project management, and job-costing technology.
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Sales1440 allows builders to easily manage their sales process from start to finish — from tracking new leads to sales follow-up, managing floor plans and option selections, and more. The solution helps strengthen builders' lead management, sales automation, and customer relationship management efforts.
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LandDev is a powerful and flexible land development software for homebuilders. It can automate land development workflows — using best practices to handle variances and interfacing with Constellation's ERP systems. Allowing customers to effectively monitor cash flow, manage large vendor contracts, and successfully plan resource allocation.
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The Homeowner Central platform by CONASYS was built specifically for new home builders and developers — offering fully interactive homeowner- and builder-specific portals that fundamentally change the homeowner care and homeownership experience.
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The FAST Builder Management System automatically monitors every aspect of the home building operation — allowing builders and developers to make critical decisions quickly and proactively before they cost money. The system automates processes, track costs and schedules, and isolate problem areas.
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Woodland, O’Brien & Scott
Woodland O’Brien & Scott is one of the oldest and most trusted Voice of the Customer firms in its industry. Woodland, O’Brien & Scott helps homebuilders to enhance customer satisfaction, increase referral sales, reduce warranty costs and improve employee morale.
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New Home Listing Service
New Home Listing Service is a web portal designed to specifically address the difficulty in identifying and purchasing new properties by consumers. This platform allows builders and facility owners to manage their businesses and properties more successfully.
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Customer Insight
CustomerInsight is a customer experience research company designed to help residential homebuilding professionals uncover their homebuyer, employee, and trade/supply partner experiences — turning insight into profitability.
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Chris Graham
President, Homebuilder Portfolio

Chris is the President of the Homebuilder portfolio at Perseus Group. He joined Perseus Group in 2005 as a Business Development Analyst, eventually becoming Vice President in 2012 and moving into the position of Portfolio Manager in 2021.

Chris started his professional career as a Program Manager at Microsoft, working in the Office group on the Microsoft Outlook product. A firm believer that good things come from just getting started, Chris and his teams have a long history of supporting customers with solutions and services they can trust to run their businesses. They are always looking for new opportunities to deliver great value to customers through better technology solutions and services.

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