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HomeBuilder's Exceptional NPS Scores: A Testament to Customer-Centric Acquisition

HomeBuilder's Exceptional NPS Scores: A Testament to Customer-Centric Acquisition

In the software industry, customer satisfaction can be pivotal for success. Constellation HomeBuilder Systems (HomeBuilder), under the stewardship of Perseus, has soared above the competition with its impressive well above industry average Net Promoter Score (NPS). This remarkable achievement, significantly surpassing industry benchmarks, speaks volumes about HomeBuilder's unwavering commitment to prioritizing customer needs and fostering enduring relationships.

At the heart of HomeBuilder's success lie its flagship products: BuildTopia, NEWSTAR, and Homeowner Central. These solutions, meticulously crafted and constantly refined, cater to the intricate demands of residential home builders and construction managers. Whether it's streamlining project management processes, enhancing business functions, or fostering seamless communication between homeowners and builders, HomeBuilder's suite of products stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency.

Customers, many of whom have remained loyal for decades, shower praise upon the company for its responsiveness, continuous improvement efforts, and exceptional customer service.

A chorus of voices from various roles within customer organizations resound with appreciation:

  • Analysts applaud the consistent service received over two decades.
  • VPs of Construction commend HomeBuilder's proactive approach, noting its responsiveness to enhancement suggestions.
  • Construction Warranty Managers highlight the invaluable support received during onboarding and ongoing software improvements, singling out exemplary individuals such as Chris Boutin, Donna Moore and Kelsey Billingsley.
  • CEOs and CFOs express gratitude for the accuracy of information provided and commend the user-friendly interface.
  • Operations Managers and Controllers appreciate the ease of managing business operations and the quick resolution of any issues encountered.
  • Owners admire HomeBuilder's commitment to staying updated with technology and providing extensive training as needed.

These testimonials underscore HomeBuilder's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, epitomizing Perseus' investment philosophy of putting the customer first. By nurturing a culture of excellence, continuous improvement, and employee development, HomeBuilder has not only achieved stellar NPS scores but also solidified its position as a leader in the construction software industry.

In a landscape where customer loyalty is the ultimate currency, HomeBuilder's impressive NPS scores stand as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, setting a benchmark for others to emulate. As Perseus continues to champion growth and innovation within its acquired companies, HomeBuilder's customer-centric ethos serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards sustained success and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

More about the products reviewed in the NPS survey:


An integrated cloud-based construction project management software, BuildTopia serves as a centralized hub for orchestrating all tasks, processes, and workflows involved in homebuilding projects.


Engineered to manage diverse business functions, NEWSTAR is a comprehensive software solution tailored for residential construction projects, spanning single-family homes to high-rise condominiums.

Homeowner Central:

This interactive platform facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between homeowners and builders, effectively reducing warranty costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

For more information about HomeBuilder and its suite of products, visit https://www.constellationhb.com/ or contact us.  

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ArticlesHomeBuilder's Exceptional NPS Scores: A Testament to Customer-Centric Acquisition
Discover how Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, under Perseus' leadership, achieves exceptional customer satisfaction with industry-leading Net Promoter Scores through its flagship products: BuildTopia, NEWSTAR, and Homeowner Central. Learn about their commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and exemplary customer service.
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