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Perseus Academy 2023 Wrap Up

Last week, approximately 300 employees from across Perseus-owned businesses gathered in Montreal for our annual Perseus Academy event.  Every year, Perseus brings together its business, functional, and future leaders to celebrate small changes, grow their respective networks, and see the bigger picture. This year marked our biggest (and most ambitious)version yet of the flagship learning and networking event.  

Starting with an opening night party, kicked off by Perseus CEO Daniel Zinman, and continuing through the week, attendees had the chance to embody the Perseus core belief that knowledge sharing influences business outcomes. Participants also had opportunities to gather by functional area and portfolio for dedicated networking opportunities.  

There were over 125 unique sessions, ranging from facilitated conversations to expert-led case studies. In these organized conversations, our employees were provided with an opportunity to not only bring their own experience and wisdom to almost every session but curiosity as well. Over these two days, our employees were exposed to our diverse portfolio of businesses, customer profiles and markets, and product sets with the goal of generating ideas and solutions to take back to their business and team.  

While the Academy is always intellectually intense, we also had time to fill our hearts and laugh. To jump start this year’s event, we partnered with Share the Warmth, a non-profit in Montreal focused on the overall development of children, especially food security, to package family meals for those in need. We also brought in the internationally renowned comedy and singing group Choir, Choir, Choir to help us find our voices. None of us will hear or maybe even sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” the same way again.  

The year’s event was anchored around a quote from Thomas Edison: “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” We look forward to learning at next year’s event how ideas and connections fostered in Montreal carried through into new progress and incremental growth in our companies.  

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