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How a Canadian Company Became the World's Premier Software Acquirer
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Dive into the pages of The Economist's insightful coverage as we unveil the remarkable journey of Constellation Software. Get the full story to gain a comprehensive understanding of our strategic approach in the dynamic software landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

The art of identifying tech firms

with enduring competitive edges

Strategies for nurturing

acquired businesses for long-term succes

The importance of patient ownership

in the world of tech acquisitions

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Introducing Constellation Software: Tech's Berkshire Hathaway

Constellation Software, in this article likened to the legendary Berkshire Hathaway in the tech world, has perfected the art of acquiring tech firms. With a keen eye for companies showing consistent revenue and profit growth, Constellation has made over 860 acquisitions since 2005, with astounding success.

A Rare View into the Untold Story

In a landscape where IPOs struggle and venture capital wanes, Constellation Software shines as a beacon of success. Learn how this Canadian firm has become the pinnacle of tech acquisition, rivaling giants like Berkshire Hathaway.
Unlike traditional methods, Constellation employs a hands-off approach post-acquisition, allowing acquired companies to maintain autonomy. Explore how this strategy fosters growth and sustains customer relationships, driving continuous success.

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